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Sending a Message to the ‘Hood

2019-02-12 Officer BlackENVIRONMENTAL

BLACK-On-BLACK, Law and Order 100 – As a black officer, I work in a predominantly black city and I’m often asked the question, “Do you feel like a sellout.”

The answer is a resounding, “No!”

Policing is a profession and I love what I do.

It’s unfortunate that police are perceived as the enemy within urban communities based on bad decisions of a few disappointing officers.

When a doctor misdiagnoses patients or provides improper treatment, resulting in death, do the black citizens stop trusting and relying on medical practices?

When teachers take advantage of undeveloped school-aged children, manipulating their minds, and coercing sexual encounters, do we home school our children?

The answer remains a resounding, “No!”

The masses continue maneuvering to the doctor and directing our children to campus.

So, why do the same people mold their children to either fear the police or say “F the police”.

I’ve seen parents treat their own children worse than officers.

I often watch mothers drag their kids toward me, with faces filled with anxiety and tears streaming – it’s like their living a nightmare.

Most people usual come to peace with facing the consequences of their criminal offenses after breaking the law.

I have never been referred to as an unjust officer.

I give respect even if it has not been earned, because I do recognize that as a policeman I’m held to a higher standard.

I have never tarnished my oath as an officer.

I am not unjust to any race or ethnic group of people.

I never conducted myself in any manner that would warrant me being labeled as a traitor or sellout.

Think about this.

Before you label a black officer a sell out, traitor or uncle Tom, take a step back and look at your community and your household.

How many black men could actually do more for their kids, financially, emotionally, or physically?

How many mothers could be a lot more nourishing towards their children?

What bad examples have you displayed in front of a developing young mind?

What knowledge didn’t you pass on that could have saved someone from the streets or ever encountering a police?

These are the realities in the black community.

These are the true traitors – people who forsake their own children and overlook their own community are the sellouts we should be concerned about, not the police.