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Inspiring Young Girls to Go for It

2018-11-02 Sasha AlexanderSOCIAL

SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT, Think Like a Girl – Being American comes with the baggage of always wanting more – more of everything, clothes, hair, money, makeup, jewelry, money, respect, power, and of course money. Oh, and did I mention money? We live in a prosperous country where almost anything we want is a digital fingertip away. Multimedia outlets, billboards, commercials and constant advertisements, strangles the sense of being content.

Contentment seems practically impossible.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s difficult being content with what I have – I’m always wanting more – and I’ve gotta have it. That’s why we leave the store short of $200, after making a quick run to supposedly grab a package of toilet paper.

Psychologically, we feel like we gotta have “it” so much that most Americans are in debt with maxed out unpaid credit cards and bad credit because we feel like we’ve gotta have it.

I think everybody has those things they’ve convinced themselves they can’t go without. Whatever “it” may be to you, that’s what this blog is addressing.

To make matters even more complicated, as a woman, we want to be the “it” that every man desires and every woman admires.

That “it” girl – The one who’s got it all – The one every man wants and every girl wants to be. Call it superficial, but as quiet as kept, this is the essence of every woman’s secret.

Victoria told her secret in every shopping mall across the country, but this blog is about to buck some eyes and drop some jaws, because I’m telling it all.

Spike Lee made a movie in 1986 entitled “She’s Gotta Have It.” In 2017, over 30 years later, it was remixed into an 8-episode series on Netflix. It follows a free-spirited, Black, artistic woman who was very open and free with her sex life. It inspired young women to not be ashamed or afraid to be sexual beings. It highlighted the feminine liberation that comes with being in tune with your libido.

Since we’re being honest, women gotta get some too, right?

In fact, as quiet as kept, most of us want it just as bad as men, but for us, it’s going to cost you something. While sex is pleasurable (most times), that’s not all women want. Our “it” can be different things at different times in life, week-by-week and day-by-day for that matter our it can change.

Yes, so what, we’re complicated creatures, but you love us though, and humanity certainly couldn’t survive without us.

When I say, “I gotta have it,” I’m definitely not (only) referring to sex. It could mean having my natural roots deep conditioned and protected under some flawless Brazilian bundles so that I can get my Beyoncé on and “wake up like this”.

My “it” can also be having my grandma’s mac and cheese on a Sunday evening after spending 3 hours at church shouting and dancing – hallelujah! Whew, y’all for real though, my grandma can throw down - Let me not get side tracked, but I do like to eat.

My “it” can be this PhD that I’m busting my butt to get just so I can level up on this pay scale. At the end of the day, my “it” will always be about independence. That’s the “it” I believe everybody wants.

I have so much to tell y’all, and yes, at times it will get juicy, and I will continue to go there, but ultimately my blogs will inspire girls to “go for it”. Get ready, get set, and you go girl.