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Deprogramming Group Think

2018-11-01 Anthony KaDarrell ThigpenSOCIAL

THE THINK TANK, Elevating Consciousness – The art of independent thought is boldly under attack by the Group Think movement.

Elitists are using subliminal messages to advance agenda-based ideas by brainwashing the masses through news outlets, Hollywood propaganda, social media platforms and more.

Nationwide bloggers are encouraging individuals to think for themselves by reviving the 2,400 year-old lost virtue of Paideia, a unique method of elite education used in ancient Greece. Socrates was a Greek philosopher from Athens accredited as one of the founders of Western moral philosophy, and ethical tradition of thought.

Unfortunately, he was an enigmatic individual who made no writings. His legacy is known though the accounts of classical writers, particularly his students, namely Plato. Renowned philosopher Aristotle studied Socrates’ philosophy at Plato’s Academy. Plato’s comprehensive writings about Socrates survived years before antiquity until modern day (5th-15th century beginning with the fall of the Western Roman Empire). Through Plato’s portrayal, Socrates’ concept of elenchus is legendary.

Elenchus is a technique of debate associated with Socrates of asking an individual to agree with a series of premises and conclusions, afterward ending with one’s own intended point. Many lawyers use this strategy in court.

Philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality, and existence – it is priceless. Philosophy is the art of objectively processing thought without subjective influences.

Terms like epistemology and metaphysics are basic principles to approaching philosophy. Epistemology is the study of the theory of knowledge. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things.

When we place monetary value on fundamental principles, we create class systems, hierarchies, unethical practices, and ambiguous methods of measuring worth.

While money is necessary to function in our society, it is neither good nor bad, simply a neutral necessity. However, when money is allowed to influence philosophy, people manipulate information, conceal truths, and disguise reality to best benefit their own agendas.

The expectation of financial gain is how the group think philosophy is perpetuated. Devoted Greek philosopher Socrates would not teach for money, only for his passion of discussing philosophy. Without accepting wages, he facilitated a Sophist school.

Sophists specialized in using philosophy, poetry, medicine, history, rhetoric, music, athletics, and mathematics to advance themselves in society. In general, they claimed to teach virtue and excellence of any kind based on cultural standards. Paideia is the same extension of education and upbringing that guarantees a high social status, political power and economical advantages for intellectually engaged individuals – sophists.

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