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2019-02-13 Anthony KaDarrell ThigpenEMOTIONAL

IMPROVE – Literacy in Motion book publishing officially published IMPROVE. Readers are able to purchase the book at:


You have every right to feel good about your unique existence, successes and failures included.

This book is the prescription needed to cure poisonous judgmental attacks and unwanted energy that victimizes people into psychological bondage.

IMPROVE is grounded in the theory that quality of life accelerates when readers embody this `nothing to prove¿ mentality.

Human life improves when individuals start believing that they have nothing to prove to others.

If you want to overcome any insecurity or complex, take a dose of (chapter 1) Screaming Silently, (chapter 2) Living the Mascaraed, (chapter 3) Failing to Embrace the Uneasy Truth, (chapter 4) Learning to Love Yourself First, and (chapter 5) Understanding What Matters in the End.

Each chapter is guaranteed to improve your life with raw, uncut and uncensored testimonials that will give you successful strategies to strengthen self-esteem.

Even on your worse day, you remain a perfect display of creation, and the world will be a better place once you permanently recognize this reality.

Take a liberating leap and a positive approach to demand ownership of your `happy place¿ and I promise your life will immediately IMPROVE.

The author is also the publisher of 6 additional books, 5 of them remain available at and wherever books are sold.

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