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Women Singled Out for Greatness

2018-11-20 S.Lynne BlackmonOCCUPATIONAL

VOICES OF SINGLE MOMS CLUB, Women Making Magic – It is believed that a man’s job is to provide and protect his family and a woman’s job is to nurture.

What if life’s circumstances dictate you are appointed to do both?

Fear naturally sets in. At this point you are faced with having to make a life changing decision.

Either you can “Face Everything and Rise” or “Fear Everything and Run.”

Like myself, many single parents have been called to do both, provide and protect as well as nurture. While in today’s society the cost of living sets our stresses on just those aspects of life itself; Holding everything together financially while making sure your child is provided for and protected as well as nurtured.

While I don’t prescribe to the idea that I am my son’s mother and father, but more of a single woman who was determined not to be a number in the statistics of a single-parent home that failed.

Well, years ago, I was forced to make some life altering decisions at age 33, having a 2-year old son, whose dad decided to relocate on Father’s Day.

Instead of getting bitter, I got better.

I decided I would face everything and rise!

Fast forward 20 years later, my son and I have a very strong mother-son bond, my son attends a top university, I have been blessed to have owned my home for 14 years and we have traveled many places together. Through rearing my son to the young adult age, I never felt I had to compromise my femininity in the process – I maintained my dignity, class, and sensitivity as a woman.

That being said, ninety percent of what we make happen is based on how much we believe in ourselves.

Did I accomplish everything alone?

No, I always put God first and asked for strength, peace and understanding.

That’s what sustained me.

The saying holds true that it takes a village to raise a child.

With the help of my resilient mother of 9 children, and my son’s paternal grandmother, we moved forward with strides.

Other family and friends also helped tremendously – some shared their time and others imparted wisdom.

Most of all, it was my mom who unconditionally sacrificed and served as my lead cheerleader.

She encouraged me not to dwell on the past.

She coached me on creating a new vision for my life. As a result, I looked ahead.

In my blog, VOICES OF SINGLE MOMS, Women Making Magic, I have many stories to share.

Journey with me as I reminisce with the hope to inspire other single mothers advance through the crossroads of life, personally and professionally.

There are so many chapters to my experience and so much more to come.

In the words of Maya Angelou, “Still I Rise.”