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Cravings Fatty Omega-3s

2018-11-20 Zach GiovanelliPHYSICAL

Healthy Choices, Steps to Living Your Best Life – Fat isn’t always a bad thing – in fact, your body craves Omega-3s.

They energize the body with essential fatty acids.

Your body cannot create Omega-3s on their own, so you must fuel your body with this nutrient through your consumption of food or supplements.

Omega-3s are good for your body and brain.

They have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the body.

Inflammation causes serious bodily damage and diseases.

It can also impact your cardiovascular health, organ health, and lead to joint pain - making movement difficult to manage.

When your body consumes Omega-3s it helps fight many conditions – it even supports the prevention of cognitive decline.

In essence, your ability to think rationally depends largely on Omega-3s.

What exactly can you eat to increase your Omega-3 intake?

The recommended weekly intake of Omega-3s is about 3 servings of fish, preferably salmon – this this fresh water fish has less mercury content than other seafood.

You can consume Omega-3s through other means also.

As a result of dietary lifestyles and allergies, some people take Omega 3 supplement or consume walnuts, chia and flaxseeds to name a few.

These alternatives may have varying amounts of the two main components of Omega-3s

The next time you visit your local super market, add some fish, Omega supplements, nuts, and seeds to your grocery list.

Ultimately, Omega-3s are superfoods for brain health, benefiting the body simultaneously.

They combat like depression and Alzheimer’s disease – some studies show a connection between Omega-3s and memory retention.

At the same time, Omega-3s can help fight swelling derived from muscle-building exercises – it reduces inflammation and lubricates joints for increased performance.

It is important to remember, that Omega 3 superfoods are not a substitute for stretching or healthy eating.

Omega-3s gained science-based notoriety because of its 17 benefits for maximizing human health.

Omega-3s are scientifically known to fight depression, anxiety, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, age-related mental decline, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

This supplement reduces symptoms of ADHD, Metabolic Syndrome, asthma in children and liver fat.

They improve eye health, risk factors for heart disease, mental disorders, bone and joint health, and sleep

Omega-3s promote brain health during pregnancy and early life, help prevent cancer, alleviate menstrual pain and is good for the skin.

Stop starving your body and brain of the fatty acids needed to live your best life.