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Standing on a Solid Foundation

2018-11-20 Delores FieldsSOCIAL

SUPERMOM, Parenting Tips for Raising Black Kids – Long before the holiday, girls were scouting out way to give gratitude just because.

My daughter’s Girls Scout troop does bonding events while working on community-based projects.

A lot of that time is spent with giggles, laughter and chatter. Awhile ago, we did a project that I totally enjoyed as an adult.

We had a “Thankful Meeting”.

We openly shared things that we were most thankful for.

Many of the girls talked about people previously impacting their lives with blessings unknowingly.

Each one of the girls, without exception, were thankful for their friends.

As a result, we decided to do a keepsake project that would serve as future encouragement when needed.

We provided multiple envelops, enough to indicate each name of every participating girl.

Afterward, the Girls Scout troop picked a minimum of five friends within the circle and wrote their thoughts of thankfulness about each one.

They folded the short inspirational notes separately, placing them in the appropriate envelop and each girl walked away with their messages.

The feedback that spiraled amongst the parents was tremendous.

Moms echoed similar comments centered around how happy each message made their daughter’s. Likewise, my daughter was thrilled.

Each message pointed out something that uniquely identified how amazing she is.

While most people have a friend that will say something encouraging about them, we all need balance and a foundation.

It’s not good for my daughter to always scout out compliments.

Some people have a psychological dysfunction prompting the need for an entourage of supporters chanting their praises – even on social media.

This can be unhealthy – no one has a picture perfect life. We must also learn to be thankful for constructive criticism – this type of balance equips us to improve.

Also, genuine sense of thankfulness is hinged on having a solid foundation – when friendships fall apart, our children will need something to stand on.

I too, am thankful for my few friends. I also know that there is only one relationship that is guaranteed to endure eternally.

This is why I am most thankful to share the solid surface for which I stand, and that foundation is Jesus Christ.

So, whether it’s Thanksgiving or any other day, I teach my daughter to live life with a thankful heart.