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2018-11-01 Lauren GrayINTELLECTUAL

LIVING ROOM TO CLASSROOM, Teachable Moments – Since pre-school, throughout college, and until now, I’ve been in school.

I was born and raised in Texas, and relocated to Arizona in 2004, three months after getting married.

Throughout my entire life, I have been a student or a teacher – I’ve remained in the same environment since the early 1980’s.

I earned my degree from the University of North Texas in human development and family studies. My first professional job was in career services at a university.

Once in Arizona, I eventually transitioned into secondary education. I began teaching high school English and advising students on post-secondary plans.

It was almost 14 years ago that my path crossed with Laura Newcomb, founder of Autism Academy for Education and Development with campuses statewide.

Now I work with students with autism as an assistant director of programs.

As a classroom teacher, having great academic mentors empowered me to solve many of my own problems and overcome obstacles to meet the needs of my students. Those lessons have carried over into my leadership style and parenting.

Hopefully this blog, LIVING ROOM TO CLASSROOM, Teachable Moments, will enable me to help parents, teachers and principals enrich the lives of students at home and school.

Life is never a smooth road – you will have challenges – especially when raising children and educating students.

Roadblocks, potholes, and slippery slopes give us great stories to look back on and feel reminiscent moments with lots of laughter.

My passion is focusing on every individual student I encounter. I help develop programs that encompass the whole child – hopefully inspiring that same passion in other educators and parents.

All students deserve to receive the resources to reach their highest potential. It’s important to focus on professional development, instructional strategies, best practices, and classroom character and leadership strategies to accomplish this.

I will highlight these philosophies and resources that are beneficial for educators and parents alike based on my experience and research.

My husband and I have a 4-year-old daughter now, and my personal journey helps me feel more compassion toward parents.

Teaching and training children is no easy endeavor, it’s a process that starts at home and continues in the classroom.

Every experience is a teachable moment, from pre-school throughout life, and my blog will inspire, enlighten and motivate readers from the living room to the classroom.

Join me as my blog experience will create a classroom environment taking readers back to school.