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Attorney Argues for Black Lives

2018-11-01 Attorney BlackENVIRONMENTAL

BLACK-On-BLACK – Finally, a legal victory as officer Jason Van Dyke is found guilty of second degree murder.

All too often the Black community sees no justice.

Officer Van Dyke brutally gunned down Laquan McDonald in the middle of a Chicago street.

Surrounded by numerous officers, yet Van Dyke independently made the decision that it was time for McDonald to die.

Was the officer afraid? Or was it pure hatred that pumped 10 additional bullets in McDonald’s lifeless body.

On October 20, 2014, officer Van Dyke inhumanely slaughtered McDonald with no regard for his life or loved ones. Fours years later, October 5, 2018, Van Dyke’s guilty verdict echoed a hint of justice nationally.

In America, no individual has all power as judge, jury and executioner just because they hide behind a blue uniform and a badge.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. This is why citizens must be informed of their rights. However, the purely opinionated masses do not help when they spread false information.

Hearsay is information that cannot be adequately substantiated, as in rumors, gossip, or idle talk.

Unfortunately, hearsay is amongst one of the leading forms of communication in our society. With the use of the internet, hearsay spreads like wildfire in modern times.

As children, my brother and I knew what we wanted to be when we grew up. Initially, I wanted to be a comedian like “Chris Rock,” but I decided to be my own person.

We’ve always aimed to be an attorney and a police officer. I used to say, “He’s going to put the bad guys in jail and I am going to get them out.”

Now, as college educated adults, we’ve been blessed to accomplish more in this lifetime than imagined.

We are writing this blog to offer insight, knowledge, factual-objective information and educational background.

Through our series of blogs, we will provide perspectives from opposite career paths through a series we like to call “Law and Order 100.”

Our pseudonym names are prescribed to protect our careers while exposes sensitive information.

As a practicing Attorney and urban Police officer, we hope to use this platform to create a more thought-provoking dialogue concerning law and order. We will offer tips, tricks and updates to ensure that readers are well informed.

We need to experience more legal wins in honor of young men like Laquan McDonald.